Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Choose a Custom Color - Protect your Paint - Not Required to Register with State DMV - 100% Street Legal! - Stand Out Today

Alex's Auto Body has a Professional Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Solution in our Brooklyn shop. We offer a wide variety of car wrapping services, including: full car vinyl wrap, trim, chrome delete, paint protection, clear bra, wheels powder coating, break calipers painting, headlights and window tinting, and more. We also use some of the best products from the largest distributors, including 3M, Avery, and Arlon. Here at Alex's Auto Body Shop in Brookly, N.Y, we don't cut corners!

There are plenty of benefits of why someone would choose Vinyl Wrapping instead of a paint job on their car. For one, a color change wrap does not have to be registered with the state DMV, already making the process less of a headache for you! Because vinyl wraps are temporary, there is no changes that need to be made on your vehicle registration sticker. A few other benefits come with the fact that this is not a permanent color change. For example, if you want to change the color of your car two years down the line, you can always remove the vinyl wrap to go back to your factory color original paint! There is no compounding or any paint removal required on a car when we apply the vinyl wrap, so when we take it off, your car looks just the way it was before you ever wrapped it!

Why Choose Us?

- We work on many exotic cars -
- We are Reliable -
- Competitive Pricing -
- We use High Quality Materials -
- State of the art Dust Free Facility -
- Dozens of Colors to Choose -
Our trained installers go through great measures to make sure every customer is satisfied with the work. We remove any moldings and vehicle accessories, including antennas, handles, bumpers, headlights, etc, to ensure the best possible outcome on your vehicle.

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